The Gorean World


For years it had been a dream of two individuals to produce something so profound that it would be an outward expression of an inward passion. Something that had manifested itself in them so strongly that they felt compelled to reveal it to the world.

 After years and years it has finally come to fruition in the form of this place. We dreamt of one day building an extensive site containing most every aspect of Gor that we could think of.

Many thanks go out to the author of the Gor series, John Norman.

Welcome everyone to our dream.

 Ludo Cain and Taleea of Turia

7-17-11: After discovering that this site was not lost as was originally thought I have decided to restore it as a testament to the hard work put in originally. With the help of ting I have restored the site to it's original state as far as the information is concerned. Enjoy.

In Loving Memory

I'd like to take this time to tell those of you who knew, or didn't know someone who will always be very special to me.

I met her almost six years ago now and we immediately connected. We had backgrounds so different it was almost unfathomable that we'd have anything in common but opposites truly do attract apparently. Never the less we immediately took to each other. This is a glimpse into the life of someone I feel lucky to have known and loved.

She prided herself in the fact that she never had things handed to her. Especially when it came to her dreams. She wanted to help abused children. School was hard, and expensive. However even while working at night to pay for school each day she made it work through her first few years of University. Her career began even while she was still in school, at the bottom of the ladder but this didn't deter her at all. She worked hard and studied hard, still with her eyes on the prize of realizing her dream.

About midway through her schooling she was diagnosed with cancerous growth in her breast. After the growth was removed she underwent two bouts with chemo, all the while working and continuing her studies. Nothing it seemed would stop her. After months of chemo she was finally cancer free and in remission. It was a relief to say the least.

After what seemed like the biggest low came something that both exceeded and matched her wildest dreams and her biggest disappointment. She was offered a scholarship to complete her law studies at Harvard, something only offered to the top 1% of the top 1% around the world. So from Australia she flew to meet with them, excited as ever. Eventually however they had decided to decline her the scholarship due to a concern about her health keeping her from completing her studies.

Nearly crushed, the disappointment almost overwhelming for her, she continued on in her studies still. Soon after she graduated, recieving her masters degree in law. I was so proud I couldn't and still can't express it with words. Through all the trials and obstacles she somehow found a way to complete her schooling. She was well on her way to doing what she wanted to do with her life.

She remained in remission with near constant monitoring of her cell counts, bloodwork, and other such visits with doctors and oncologists for about two years before she began to feel ill. At first it was a lack of energy, sleeping troubles, nothing particularly worrying as she had alot going on at the time.

Last october she was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. She was devastated. The estimate they gave her was a year with chemo to a question mark about whether she'd see christmas without it. She opted not to undergo chemo again. She was given medication to at least keep her out of pain as she had bad days, and worse days. She began sleeping alot, finding less and less energy all the time.

She had recently reconnected with a relative and after the needed tests were done they found a 99.5% match in bone marrow and said a transplant would be possible. In february she went in for the transplant and they gave her a 50-50 chance of surviving the proceedure itself, and less chances of surviving the period after to begin developing a new immune system, saying how far she was into the lymphoma didn't help her chances, where her age helped considerably.

She survived the transplant and spent almost ten weeks in the isolation ward because her immune system had to be burned out with radiation for the transplant to be possible. Anyone who knew her knew she hated being couped up. Never the less she was released from the isolation ward and got to go home.

Her energy levels increased as the weeks went on, and she finally did it. She began taking cases of abused children. She finally got to live her dream.

Her oncologist put her on many medications, many of which to counteract side effects of other medications, and it was to the point she was taking 52 pills throughout a day at one point. She changed oncologists soon after and was reduced to 6, she began to feel better as the days went on.

Her energy levels rising as she was put on a regiment of exercise and meditation, herbal remedies, and hope. Things looked like they were on the rise. Her cell counts were coming up, increasing in leaps and bounds. It was a relief after a long time of uncertainty, and a good change of pace.

All of a sudden things took a turn for the worst. She fell under a fever and breathing difficulties, and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors said they didn't know if she would survive the next day. Two days later however the fever broke and she woke up, before resting up enough to return home. A major scare I'm sure you can imagine, however she still seemed to be getting better.

Her recovery though seemed to peak about a month ago. We learned about ten days ago that cancerous cells had begun invading her vital organs. They said she had days, maybe weeks left. Early this morning she was having trouble breathing again, and was taken to the hospital. There she fell asleep, soon after she died. As she put it to Me a few nights ago, she fought and lost.

I guess I'm writing this not only because she was a person I cared for, but because she taught Me alot of things. She taught Me if you have a dream and you want it bad enough it's yours for the taking, you just have to want it enough to do anything and overcome anything to get it.

She was many things to many people. To me she was a friend, a confidant, a partner, an advisor. I could tell her anything. She helped Me through dark days, to overcome My past, and My own demons. Most of all she put up with Me even when I tried to push her and everyone else away.

At 7:15am Eastern US time, or 9:15pm her local time the typist behind Taleea passed away. Her name was Jane. I loved her, and I for one will never forget her. The following is a poem I wrote in her memory.

Always there yet seldom noticed, for better or for worse
her ears for any, her voice for few, her blessing and her curse
she speaks without discrimination, listen closely for her to say
blunt like the hammer, sharp like the knife, yet soft like the feather were they
her strength her very own, yet offered where needed if asked
forgiveness granted and slights dismissed, oft glanced past
smart, funny, serious, casual, her grace is limited never
caring, strong, fearless, generous, perhaps most of all clever
she leaves, yet stays, for some she never arrived
many things to many people, seldom one for choosing sides
knowing her a gift, I cherish her always, never more than now
hopefully on another day, I will know her once more, somehow

3/16/83 - 10/2/09, she will be missed.


A side note. This website was one of her dreams. She was so happy when we finally completed it, it now stands as a testimony to her dedication, her resolve, and her love of Gor.