The Gorean World


Beaded Collar of the Barrens

"The red savages do not use steel collars. They use high, beaded collars, tied together in the front by a rawhide string. Subtle differences in the styles of collars, and in the knots with which they are fastened on the girls' necks, differentiate the tribes. Within a given tribe the beading, in its arrangements and colors, identifies the particular master. This is a common way, incidentally, for warriors to identify various articles which they own."
Savages of Gor page 102

Binding Fibre used as a collar

But we had, about the throat of each, wrapped, five times, a length of binding fiber, and knotted it, that this, serving as collar, might mark them as slave.
Raiders of Gor

Collars in a Slave House

“You are too beautiful not to be a slave,” said Samos.
“No!” she cried. “No!”
“Take her below,” said Samos to one of the two guards flanking the woman. “Put the iron to her body, left thigh, common Kajira mark, and, I think, for the time, a common house collar will do for her.” She looked at him, aghast. Then her two arms were seized by the guards.
Players of Gor

Decorated Collar

She rose easily from the curule chair and stood before me. She held the opened collar before me. It was slender but sturdy, steel, enameled with white, decorated with tiny flowers in pink, a collar suitable for a woman’s girl. There was printing in the enamel, tiny, exact.
Slave Girl of Gor page 309

Gold Collar

"The girl was naked, save that she wore many strings of jewels and armlets. Too, she wore bracelets and anklets of gold, which had been locked upon her, and were belled. Her collar, too, was of gold, and belled. A single pearl, fastened in a setting like a droplet, on a tiny golden chain, was suspended at the center of her forehead."
Rogue of Gor page 10 - 11

Hammered Iron Collar

"The girls were then motioned to the anvil. First Virginia and then Phyllis laid their heads and throats on the anvil, head turned to the side, their hands holding the anvil, and the smith, expertly, with his heavy hammer and a ringing of iron, curved the collar about their throats; a space of a quarter of an inch was left between the two ends of the collar; the ends matched perfectly; both Virginia and Phyllis stepped away from the anvil feeling the metal on their throats, both now collared slave girls."
Assassin of Gor page 153 - 154

I could see the heavy metal collar hammered about the man's neck, not uncommon in a male slave. His head would have been placed across the anvil, and the metal curved about his neck with great blows.
Hunters of Gor page 13

Iron Collar of Torvoldsland

"I took it from these indications, she had learned her collar in the south; probably originally it had been a lock collar, snugly fitting, of steel; now, of course, it had been replaced with the riveted collar of black iron, with the projecting ring, so useful for running a chain through, or for padlocking, or linking on an anvil, with a chain. The southern collar, commonly, lacks such a ring."
Marauders of Gor page 166

"About her neck, riveted, was a collar of black iron, with a welded ring, to which a chain might be attached."
Marauders of Gor page 85

"'Look up at me,' said the smith.
The slender, blond girl, tears in her eyes, looked up at him.
He opened the hinged collar of black iron, about a half inch in height. He put it about her throat. It also contained a welded ring, suitable for the attachment of a chain.
'Put your head beside the anvil,' he said.
He took her hair and threw it forward, and thrust her neck against the left side of the anvil. Over the anvil lay the joining ends of the two pieces of the collar. The inside of the collar was separated by a quarter of an inch from her neck. I saw the fine hairs on the back of her neck. On one part of the collar are two, small, flat, thick rings. On the other is a single such ring. These rings, when the wings of the collar are joined, are aligned, those on one wing on top and bottom, that on the other in the center. They fit closely together, one on top of the other. The holes in each, about three-eighths of an inch in diameter, too, of course, are perfectly aligned.
The smith, with his thumbs, forcibly, pushed a metal rivet through the three holes. The rivet fits snuggly.
'Do not move your head, Bond-maid,' said the smith.
Then, with great blows of the iron hammer, he riveted the iron collar about her throat.
A man then pulled her by the hair from the anvil and threw her to one side. She lay there weeping, a naked bond-maid, marked and collared."
Marauders of Gor page 87

Lock on a collar

"The small, heavy lock on a girl's slave collar, incidentally, may be of several varieties, but almost all are cylinder locks, either of the pin or disk variety. In a girl's collar lock there would be either six pins or six disks, one each, it is said, for each letter in the Gorean word for slave, Kajira."
Assassin of Gor page 51

Message Collar

"'Did you note the collar she wore?'
He had not seemed to show much interest in the high thick leather collar that the girl had had sewn about her neck.
'Of course,' he said.
'I myself,' I said, 'have never seen such a collar.'
'It is a message collar,' said Kamback. 'Inside the leather sewn within, will be a message.'"
Nomads of Gor page 40

Red Enamelled Collar

At the wall on my right there were fifteen slave rings. To each, on furs, there was chained, by the left ankle, a bare-breasted girl about whose waist there was knotted a scarlet cord, in which was thrust a long, narrow rectangle of red silk. About their throats were matching red-enameled collars. Their lips were rouged and they wore eye-shadow. Some glistening red substance had been sprinkled on their hair. Following the meal, I understood, in the House of Cernus, is a time for the pleasure and recreation of the men. There are games and sports, and wagers and song. Paga and Ka-la-na are then, when Cernus would leave, brought forth.
Assassin of Gor page 87

Shipping Collar

"'What sort of collar do you wear?'
'A shipping collar, Master. It shows that I am a portion of the cargo of the Palms of Schendi.'"
Explorers of Gor page 79 - 80

I no longer wore the black, enameled, belled collar, and snide ring, of the Chatka and Curla.
I heard men shouting, and saw them running. There seemed excitement below.
I now wore a ship collar, of locked steel, gray, with its destination tag. The tag, I had been told, read: “Send me to the Lady Elicia of Ar, of Six Towers.”
Slave Girl of Gor page 355

Turian Collar

"She wore the Turian collar, rather than the common slave collar. The Turian collar lies loosely on the girl, a round ring; it fits so loosely that, when grasped in a man's fist, the girl can turn within it; the common Gorean collar, on the other hand, is a flat, snugly fitting steel band. Both collars lock in the back, behind the girl's neck. The Turian collar is more difficult to engrave, but it, like the flat collar, will bear some legend assuring that the girl, if found, will be promptly returned to her master."
Nomads of Gor  page 29

The Turian collar, too, a looser ring of steel, large enough for a man’s fist to grasp on the girl’s throat, was occasionally seen now in the northern cities.
Captive of Gor  page 160

He went to his desk and, from one of its drawers, drew forth an opened slave collar. It was unlike most of the Gorean collars. It was a Turian collar. Most Gorean collars, decorated or not, are basically a flat, circular band, hinged, which locks snugly about the girl’s neck. The Turian collar, on the other hand, fits more loosely and resembles a hinged ring, looped about the throat. A man can get his fingers inside a Turian collar and use it to drag the girl to him. It does not fit loosely enough to permit its being slipped, of course. Gorean collars are not made to be slipped by the girls who wear them.
Slave Girl of Gor page 251-252

Vines used as collars

"In the cities," she asked, "they have slave collars, do they not?"
"Yes," I said.
Then she had taken a length of marsh vine from a packet on her rence craft.
The, looking up into my eyes, smiling, close to me, her arms about my neck, she insolently wound the vine five times about my neck, and knotted it in front.
"Now," she said, "you have a collar."
Raiders of Gor

White Enamel Collar

The meal was served by slave girls in white tunics, each wearing a white-enameled collar. These would be girls in training, some of them perhaps White Silk Girls, being accustomed to the routines and techniques of serving at table.
One of them carried a large pitcher of the diluted Ka-la-na wine and stepped behind us, climbing the two steps to the broad wooden dais on which our tables were set. She bent over my left shoulder woodenly, her body stiff. "Wine, Master?'' she asked.
Assassin of Gor page 88